About Sports Science Gh

Sports Science Gh is a Sports, Exercise Science, and Medicine Company. We are a group of Exercise therapists, Physiotherapists, Sports Management Experts, Nutritionists/Dietitians, Fitness Trainers, and well-experienced Sports Scientists. This team of experts has been carefully selected to provide you with the best of our services. We already have reputable track records in our various fields, therefore you are assured of the quality and best services provided by Sports Science Gh.

Sports Science Gh
Preventive health is priceless” – E. A. Kwofie (CEO).

What do we do?

At Sports Science Gh we explain the science behind sports and educate you on the best way to exercise to achieve your fitness goal. Also, we have designed general exercise workouts base on the current scientific principles of training for every individual. Moreover, our team of nutritionists and dietitians have specially designed the appropriate dietary guidelines for you, to accompany it with your exercise program. These pre-designed programs will be on our Train with our page so you will have access to them 24/7. We believe in preventive health and preventive health is priceless. Make a plan to stay healthy and fit with Sports Science Gh.

As a team of sports scientists, we are also concerned about the athlete’s performance. It is the dream of every athlete to get to the peak but unfortunately, not all of them see the light. Inappropriate training regimen, poor dietary habits, and lack of proper management. These especially are experienced by the young athlete and most of them are not able to overcome those challenges. That is the reason Sports Science Gh has a special program for the athlete’s development.

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Sports Mall

We have carefully sorted the following for you; the best sports apparel for your comfortable exercise training, the best and latest sports, and exercise equipment for your house, workplace, or gym. Just tell us your favourite brand, and we will sort the best for you. Moreover, nutritional supplements and energy replenishing liquids have been recommended by our sports nutritionists and dietitians. You can get these products online and be delivered to you in the comfort of your home. You can also contact us and we will guide you. Better still, send us an Email (sportssciencegh@gmail.com) or Call Us at +233544859754.

Sports Mall
This and many more will you find at our sports mall.

SSc Gh Mall: We recommend the best products to support your everyday healthy living.

Meet our Team

CEO of Sports Science Gh
Emmanuel Amankrah Kwofie – Founder and CEO – Sports Science Gh. Research: Sports Nutrition and Dietetics. He says, “preventive health is priceless”
Abdul Rahman Hollison. Co-founder and editor in chief. Research field: Sports Psychology.
Priscilla Nana Ama Gyimah. Co-founder and leader of women’s health and fitness research at Sports Science Gh. Research field: Exercise Physiology and Women Health.
Albert Tetteh. Co-founder and performance analyst. Research field: Sports and Clinical Biomechanics.
Derrick Kwaku Amoako Ansah. Co-founder and head of athletic training and injury management. Research field: Exercise Physiology and Injury Rehabilitation.
Medes Osei Heartwell. Marketing Director and Team lead of The Health Broadcast @ Sports Science Gh. Research fIeld: Physical Therapy, Sports Management, and Marketing.