A Quick Overview of Ampe Game

Ampe is the widely played Ghanaian indigenous game in the country. However, there was little to know about the health benefits of the Ampe. Ampe game was just a game played by schoolchildren. Until the Department of Physiotherapy and Sports Science published a scientific research paper. The research investigated the Positive Effect of Ampe Exercise on Managing Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk Factors. The team of researchers was led by experienced Exercise Physiologists in Ghana and Africa, MOSES, MONDAY OMONIYI (Ph.D.). This is the genesis of the mega exposition on the KNUST campus, AMPE EXPOSITION 2021, a two-day event on the 17th and 18th of June.

What happened at the exposition?

The widely talked about Ampe Exposition 2021, begun on the 17th day of June 2021. The Exposition of the best indigenous Ghanaian game was live on the campus of the best university in Ghana and West Africa, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana. The events began at exactly noon GMT. The students and staff of the Physiotherapy and Sports Science Department converged at the Caseley Hayford Building and divided themselves into groups to be stationed at the various satellite areas on campus. At the satellite stations, the Ampe game was demonstrated by the team, and invited other students and pedestrians to participate in the game. Most students passing by participated and surprisingly at some satellite stations, Male participation was more than Female. 

The passion, the joy, the enthusiasm, and the energy……

Moreover, there was an extensive education on the importance of physical activity especially with a more entertaining game like Ampe. Written excerpts on placards displayed some of the key benefits of Ampe and physical activity. These excerpts on the placards attracted most students passing by to stop and ask questions, play Ampe and make new friends. The satellite areas were full of nothing but fun, joy, and happiness because every Ghanaian knows Ampe and how fun it is to play.

The Break of the Ampe Float

2:00 pm (GMT) saw a mass of people marching into the Paa Joe Sports Stadium. The display at the colleges was over. Students and participants took their rest and refreshment, then prepared for the second phase at the various halls of residence on campus. There was great participation and acceptance by the residents at the various halls and hostels on campus. Especially at the Unity and University Halls, there was massive participation, especially by the males. From there, the students returned to Paa Joe at 3:30 pm (GMT) and the program ended successfully. 

Ampe game float on campus
After the ampe float


The Ampe Exposition’s first day didn’t go without any challenges, but credit to the head of the department and the chairman of the “Ampe Expo” committee and his members. They managed as professionals and the program was a success. The committee will take Ampe to the world, given the necessary support.

The Ampe competition on the 18TH of June

Ampe competition
Ampe competition will be mega and super

Participation requirement: do you know how to jump, clap and move your leg? Then you are qualified to participate.

Who can play? Both Male and Female. 

Prize: Customized Ampe Medals.

Time: 1:00 pm (GMT)

Come one, come all. Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell another friend

Ampe Exposition 2021 – Powered by Sports Science Gh.

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Emmanuel Amankrah Kwofie

RND (RD) // MPhil Human Nutrition and Dietetic // BSc Sports and Exercise Science

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  1. Yh…. You don’t wanna know how I laughed my ribs out yesterday😂😂😂, it’s really fun and stress releasing. Try out Ampe if you are stressed and depressed.

  2. wow! Ampe to the world!
    as we grow we sometimes forget the kind of fun this game brought to us. I’m reliving the joy and getting educated about its health benefits.
    wow! wonderful

  3. I use to play this game a lot, I was offen mocked at but I still played it
    Because I love it💞
    This is a very great initiative.

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