KNUST Ampe Exposition 2021
Ampe exposition

The Department of Physiotherapy and Sports Science, KNUST Ghana, in collaboration with the University’s Wellness Centre launches an Ampe game dubbed; Ampe Exposition in June 2021. The event will take place on 17th and 18th June 2021 at the is on the KNUST campus. Satellite stations are set at the following places:

  • The Royal Parade Grounds
  • Paa Joe Sports Stadium
  • Pharmacy Forecourt
  • College of Engineering
  • CCB Car Park
  • The forecourts of all the Six Traditional Halls
  • Faculty of Renewable and Natural Resource Management

What is Ampe Game?

Ampe is a traditional Ghanaian recreational exercise that requires a lot of energy. It is a game that can be played by two people or a group of people, who may be in two teams. What makes ampe so intriguing is that it doesn’t require any special equipment.

How the Ampe Game is played

The two teams are usually referred to as Ohyiwa and Opare. When the Ohyiwa’s left leg meets the Opare’s right leg or the Ohyiwa’s right leg meets the left leg of the Opare, the Ohyiwa scores a point and vice versa. The regulations of the game can change regularly. However, the game or contest is usually won by the first side to score ten points.

Two contestants compete at a time in the ampe game. One team member from each side begins clapping their hands and jumping vertically while singing. As they land, each manipulates the legs and places one leg forward. There is no referee, but each team keeps track of their scores as the game progresses. The winner of a set of three or five games is the team with the highest score. Watch how participants at the Ampe Exposition pilot study played.

Which leg movement is your favorite? Opa or Ohyiwa?

Why the Ampe Exposition?

One may ask what an exposition is? A large-scale public exhibition or show is referred to as an exposition. Ampe has a lot of health benefits when one engages in it regularly. There is a pilot study on Ampe by the Department of Physiotherapy and Sports Science in KNUST, Ghana. The topic was, “the impact of an ampe exercise program on school children’s anthropometric and physiological characteristics”.

At the end of the study, the Ampe exercise regimen had a positive impact on all parameters which were; Bodyweight (0.31%) and body mass index (0.58%) decreased significantly (P<0.05). Systolic blood pressure (3.15%), diastolic blood pressure (1.92%), and heart rate (2.13) significantly improved (P<0.05). The researchers concluded: the “Ampe exercise program is effective as pediatric obesity household intervention to provide the impetus for active lifestyles of school children”.

This study and other studies conducted on Ampe by the department have motivated the department to collaborate with the KNUST Wellness center to conduct this Ampe Exposition.

The Ampe Expo 21 Pilot

The Aim of the June Ampe Exposition.

This June Exposition aims to:

1. Educate the KNUST university community on the health benefits of Ampe.

2. Encourage the members and staff of the university to participate in the Ampe game.

3. Encourage the Ampe game as a form of recreational activity.

4. Organize Ampe as a form of sports on campus.

5. Introduce the Ampe exercise as a form of a weight management program.

6. Use the Ampe game as a form of stress relief.

Ampe game piloting
The Pilot Study at the Paa Joe Sports Stadium was a success, and participants can’t wait to play Ampe again on the 17th and 18th of June

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