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Masters and PhD Education  programs available for sports science, physiotherapy and sports movements students. Get all your masters and PhD programs in the filed of Sports Science, Physiotherapy and Sports Management here.

There are many Educational platform online today but you can find it very difficult find a postgraduate degree in this field. Sports Science Gh has sorted and filtered the latest and the best sports science and physiotherapy related graduate programs for you.

You therefore will find postgraduate Education this field on our Education page. We have also selected eligible scholarships programs for you. It is free to apply for these programs and if you need any guide, contact us to help you.


Energy, Nutrient and fluid recommendation

Nutrition Recommendations for Active Adults and Athletes

Below are summarized points of the current energy, nutrient, and fluid recommendations for active adults and competitive athletes. As stated in an ADA, DoC, and ACSM position statement. Individual athletes’ nutrient needs, food preferences, and body weight and body composition goals can all be addressed by a sports dietitian (RD). The RD can tailor these …

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Exercise can improve fertility


How exercise affects fertility. Can Exercise improve fertility? Maintaining a healthy weight range (BMI of 18.5 to 24.9) lowers the risk of infertility and increases the possibility of naturally conceiving (The Fertility Society of Australia, 2019). Regular moderate exercise can help you become more fertile and increase your chances of having a child. According to …



3 Reasons Your Ankle Is Popping and What to Do About It

By now, you’re well-versed in all the strange sounds of the human body. There are the burps and farts, of course. But also the creaks, cracks and pops, too. And if your ankle is popping, you might be concerned: Is there something wrong? Should it sound like that? Am I just getting older? Interestingly enough, …

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health insurance vs health investment

Health Insurance or Health Investment?

Should you throw more money into a health insurance policy or spend money on proper nutrition and dieting, and exercise? You know this question is very difficult to answer, especially now that you seem healthy. Speedy recovery my friend if you are currently going through health challenges, Sports Science Gh wishes you healthy living. I …

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cardiovascular fitness


Cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) defines the unceasing integrity of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to support the musculoskeletal system in energy production during sustained physical activity or exercise (Lang, et al., 2018). It is determined by the VO2max – maximum oxygen uptake of an individual. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems work together to enhance this marker. Through …


Your Workout Should Complement Your Body.

We all don’t have the exact same anatomy so to expect everyone to execute an exercise in the exact same way and to expect that it will ​feel​ the same is rather narrow-minded. There’s such a thing as great and not-so-great form, yes. However, this does not imply that there is a single ideal form …

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Penalty Kick

The stressful demands of a penalty kick in football?

Intro: I believe the penalty shootout is the most stressful aspect of the game of football. Though it is perceived by many football lovers as a cheap or easy way to score or win a match. As I take a critical look, I’m convinced otherwise.  The Penalty kick in football, like any “closed skill”, requires …

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