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It is no doubt that regular exercise and physical activity keep the human body strong and even strengthen the body when it’s weak. Many chronic conditions like Diabetes Mellitus which doesn’t have a cure yet, have been managed effectively with properly structured Exercise and Diet. 

Exercise is Medicine! That’s a global movement on the health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity. 

Even though exercise and physical activity may be good for you, not every activity/movement may be good for you. Sometimes how you do those exercises either worsen your condition or probably will not help you achieve that particular reason for doing the exercise.

That is why for whatever reason you would want to engage in exercise, you need to consult an expert. In the same way as abusing and misusing drugs can be detrimental to your health, Not doing the right exercise based on your goal will either cause you injury, fail to achieve that fitness goal and rarely it can lead to death.

We as Sports and Exercise Scientist understands the physiology of the human body when exercising or moving. We know the Biomechanics of the human body and that helps us to detect wrong movements and correct them. The anatomical and physiological makeup of every human being is the same, it is different for males and females, and even genetic and environmental factors may affect how each individual body is and how the different bodies will react or respond to specific exercise activities.

Consulting with us before you start any exercise program either for general fitness, rehabilitation, or performance, will make sure you do the right thing and you achieve your goal faster without any complications.


1. Exercise Rehabilitation for Injuries, Stroke, Diabetes, Arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease

2. Exercise for general fitness goals (weight management, bodybuilding, muscle toning, total body fitness, etc) 

3. Exercise program for armature and elite athletes to improve performance and or master a particular skill.

4. Anti-aging exercise and diet consultation and planning.

5. Performance analysis for team sports and individual athletes.

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