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Why Exercise Online With Us

The “Exercise with us” is the first of its kind brought to you by Sports Science Gh. The COVID-19 pandemic has come to speed up how the world is growing into a global village. Online businesses have experienced exponential growth since the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic also has given us the reason we should make online business activities safe, secure, and comfortable for customers. This shift also influenced the health and fitness training industries to move their activities online, especially during the lockdowns across the world.

However, people who took part in some online fitness programs were not satisfied with the services. Others reported that they did not achieve their fitness goals. Also, there were situations of unprofessionalism by some self-acclaimed fitness trainers. Achieving optimal health and fitness status is a continuous process. Therefore, it must be available to every individual irrespective of one’s geographical location or circumstances.

Exercise with us
Wake up and exercise with Sports Science Gh.

What makes us different.

We at Sports Science Gh have gathered all these useful data to help our clients. We, therefore, know the specific needs of the people who would love to exercise online. Sports Science Gh is a Sports, Exercise Science, and Medicine company. We draw our inspirations from related international organizations and communities like the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). We also update ourselves with the latest research and recommendations from these credible institutions, whiles we also invest in health and fitness research.

You can then be sure of the quality and professional exercise programs designed by Sports Science Gh. We have carefully designed our exercise programs to fit the fitness level of all our clients. Our clients will be able to achieve their fitness goals on time. With this, beginners can even partake in our exercise programs. Also, there are programs for intermediate and expert-level exercisers. As sports scientists, we have also designed specific workout sessions for both Amateur and Elite athletes. The athletic training programs are for different sporting disciplines. People in the security and defense services can also find exercise programs for themselves. All our exercise programs are base on the scientific principles and methods of exercise training. We know you can’t wait to experience the best exercise training of your life.

How Our Exercise Training Will be.

  • We will select a specific training program, for example, six (6) weeks weight loss and or muscle toning workout. This selection will be based on our clients exercise goals.
  • We will follow this program plan daily with resting periods until the program successfully comes to an end.
  • The program will be accompanied by a recommended dietary plan to suit all individuals, including vegetarians. Clients also contact us for our Dietitians to assist them with their diet during and after the program.
  • Daily workout sessions will be on our website. There will be videos available for our clients to follow whiles we explain the benefit of every activity. We will carefully show you how to perform these activities so that you don’t get hurt. The exercise session with the accompanying videos will also be on our website by 3:00 UTC. Therefore before you wake up in the morning, your workout plan for the day is available for you to follow.
  • There would be a live training session on our YouTube channel for our clients to join us live.

After Training

  • After every training session or program, clients will have the opportunity to interact with our experts on our contact page.
  • Clients will have also have the opportunity to book a counselling session with a Dietitian, Exercise Therapist, Physiotherapist or Exercise Psychologist.
  • Moreover, clients can book an appointment for face to face exercise training, either at their home, workplace, preferred gymnasium or our recommended gymnasium across the country.
  • We have connections with fitness trainers all over the world. All you need is to book an appointment with us, and we will connect you to a trusted and certified fitness trainer around you.
  • The COVID-19 protocols will be strictly followed when we visit you for an exercise training session.

Why train with Sports Science Gh?

We have the best and clients-specific exercise training programs for individuals of all ages and statuses. These programs include special training for pregnant women, children, government officials, and people with special conditions like stroke, arthritis, low-back pain, and diabetes. With our experts working together on a particular client, you are assured of achieving your fitness goal on time. There would be a common database so that, fitness instructors, dietitians, and physiotherapists will all be able to monitor clients’ progress. We will provide monthly reports on fitness improvement to all our clients to monitor how they are doing with the exercise training. Train with Sports Science Gh today, and revitalize your life forever.

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