Health Insurance or Health Investment?

Should you throw more money into a health insurance policy or spend money on proper nutrition and dieting, and exercise? You know this question is very difficult to answer, especially now that you seem healthy. Speedy recovery my friend if you are currently going through health challenges, Sports Science Gh wishes you healthy living. I digress… Insurance policies are very necessary especially when life is at stake. Investing in healthy living is also very important. In both cases, resources such as money and time are needed. The average person trades his or her time for money whiles the rich pay a lot of money to save time. Therefore time is money and money can buy time. But good health requires both money and time for one’s self. Hence, to achieve optimum health you need to have money and time. Health insurance policy plan and health investment, which of these saves you time and money, and ultimately preserve your health?

Heath insurance VS Health investment

What is the purpose of health insurance?

Health insurance policies basically exist to protect you from an unexpected high medical cost. As humans, we do not know what may happen to us even in the next second. Accidents do happen and it is a situation no one can predict and most of the time it is difficult to prevent. Health insurance is very important in such situations. What about the health conditions that result from our poor lifestyle choices? Not having time for your health thus, (not eating a well-balanced diet, overeating and excessive drinking, not engaging in basic physical activity) and relying on your health insurance policy is a poor decision to make. I mean relying on health insurance to preserve your health is equal to not caring about your health. Health insurance has its purpose and it is only limited to unforeseen circumstances. However, making a conscious effort to live a healthy lifestyle enables you to enjoy life and stay healthy even before an unforeseen incident may occur.

Investing in your health.

Investing in your health is making a conscious effort to live a healthy lifestyle through proper dieting and exercise. It requires both money and time, which most a times are scares in our individual lives. Living healthy and being consistent with your healthy routine may be more difficult than paying for health insurance. But we know health insurance is very limited as far as our life is concerned. Therefore, to obtain optimum health we need to take our daily healthy living practises very important. Investing in your health might seem difficult or not possible, but spending just 30 minutes of your time engaging in physical activity, avoid eating fatty foods, taking a lot of water, and avoid eating at night, is a good investment towards your health.

health insurance
health insurance can help you in times of emergency


Even though we have realized above that it is very important for us to invest in our health, it is also wise to get some form of health insurance policy for No One Knows Tomorrow. Thank you. Peace be with you and enjoy good health.

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Emmanuel Amankrah Kwofie

RND (RD) // MPhil Human Nutrition and Dietetic // BSc Sports and Exercise Science

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